Monday, March 18, 2013

Crocheted for the Arm

I have an Etsy seller who sends me LOTS of items to photograph for her shops. Pretty much everything she sends me is some sort of crocheted item, like slippers, coffee mug cozies, cowls, leg warmers and a new one: bracelets. I had never seen crocheted bracelets before, but I looked on Etsy and there are several sellers making them. Who knew?! This weekend I powered through photographing almost 100 of these, and I enlisted the help of my saucy friend Margaret for the modeling. Occasionally I model the stuff myself, but it takes forever, so I get help when I can! Here are some of the different ways I shot them. The glass decanter was a new set-up, and I rather like it. It was the perfect size for the bracelets to rest on.

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! I decided to ditch my crumby background stand and just put the paper on the wall, and it worked out well. I blew it out a little bit, but I think for Etsy that's not a huge deal. I would really love to shoot for a clothing designer or even a vintage seller one of these days! It would be fun to photograph a collection for a look book, especially outside of the studio.

These items can be found soon in ChicNWarm or WarmToesesandCozies

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