Monday, December 10, 2012

Read a Book a Month: October and November

Since I'm obviously behind on my book posts, I figured I could do October and November together. I actually started Diary on the honeymoon, but I didn't get really into it until the plane ride back. It was a great and sometimes challenging read! I haven't liked the last few Palahniuk books that have come out, but I'm hoping Damned is better (I know, it's been out a while, but I've been busy, ok?!). Anyway, Diary was really good, though not my absolute favorite of his. It's one that I might read again sometime, because there are so many things that I feel like I would understand more clearly with another go at it.

Revolutionary Road was November's read. I LOVED this book. I knew going into it that it was depressing, so nothing in it really shocked me. It was just an incredible story, and I loved every sad little bit of it. I was afraid it would freak me out since I was newly married and reading a book about a decaying relationship. It did the opposite though. It made me realize that Rhett and I actually have a really strong relationship. I know I want to watch the movie now, but since I know how this book ends...I'm a little scared to. It's pretty rough.

I am so glad I've stuck to this resolution this year! I haven't started a book for December yet, so I really need to get on that. It's such a busy month. I also need to start thinking of resolutions for 2013! I can't believe I'm already talking about that.... holy crap, where does the time go?!

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