Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Evan & Brittany Engagement

You guys. June has been CRAZY so far. I haven't had time to pull together the posts that I really want to do, so I thought I would share these engagement photos with you. This is Evan and Brittany and their sweet little son. They are getting married in September, and I'm so excited to shoot their wedding! I've talked with Brittany a little about it, and it sounds like she and I have a lot of the same taste so I think I will really enjoy their wedding.  They are both so sweet and quiet, and you can tell they just adore their son. I was glad we got him in a few of the shots!

We shot these as early as we could with our schedules, but we couldn't beat the hot sun! I've been trying to use the sun to my advantage when I can (like in the last picture), but it can be pretty difficult. As much as I love a good backlight, I'm more of an even lighting kind of girl :)

I'm going to work a little tonight on getting a goodsie shop set up with items from my closet. I mentioned it in my last post, and I'll probably do a full post about it when everything is done. It's mostly just clothes that don't fit me anymore, but there are also a couple of pair of shoes in there! Hopefully it will be things that you all will like. It's always nice to pass on your clothes to a good home (that's why I love clothing exchanges).


cb said...

how fun that you are shooting their wedding too! i hope june cools down a bit for you so you can have fun! i love pictures of them with the white flowers, really brings out how sweet they both seem!

Bre said...

Love the pic of them sipping from the soda bottle. Too cute!!!

Diana Marks said...

such cute photos!

Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin? Follow me and I will follow you back with pleasure. Just let me know in the comments ;)

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Jennifer said...

Aw what sweet photos!

xo Jennifer


Janee Lookerse said...

I prefer even light too :) But you did a great job! These photos turned out super cute!