Monday, September 20, 2010

Beat the Heat

Shirt Dress: Gap
Jacket: not sure. It's from high school
Scarf: vintage
Sunglasses: Fred Flare
Tights: UO
pictures by Meagan (my photographer roomie)

I did not consider the weather when I got dressed this morning, and believe me this is NOT the time of year to do that. One day it's breezy in the 70s and the next it's blazing sun at 95. Today was definitely one of the later...and I was miserable all day.  It's always cold in my office though, so I guess it worked out.

I bought these boots at Rack Room last year (ok, my mom bought them for me) and they have them again this year! As much as I hate having the same boots that every other girl in my town has, I will wear these plumb out. They're crazy comfy, and my good friend Abby totally hit it when she rolled hers down like this. YES I am a copy cat! But hey, I gave credit, so it's all good.

This is the Oscar de la Renta scarf that I got and blogged about here. I wore it in my hair the first time, but I think I like it much better around my neck. Once again, NOT the best choice for the weather today. I was sweating all day, and I pulled thing off the second I got home...along with my jacket and tights. Relief! I think reading everyone else's blogs and seeing their cute Autumn outfits has made me jump the gun. Ah the plight of us Southern girls. <3

Now the whole purpose for this post! I got this bag from the lovely Broken Hip Vintage on Etsy, and I love love love it! It's a good size so that I don't end up stuffing everything I own it it, but it's big enough to fit my necessities. I've also loved gold for a few years now, so this was just a perfect fit. I was impressed with the quality of this bag, and I would definitely recommend Broken Hip.

I'm about to pick a winner for this giveaway, so if you haven't entered, hurry hurry!!!

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a wonderful week!


Oh, My Darling said...

I simply adore your ankle-boots!

archives vintage said...

hehe, i do the same thing...i've been wearing boots since early august! made for some sweaty days...

LOVE that purse! :)

Blair McLeod said...

way super cute! love the tights!

and btw-- loving your blog design!

Pretty Little World said...

This is such a cute outfit! Isn't crazy weather like, the worst thing? I hate when you need three different outfits to get through a day. Yuck.

jozen said...

totally love the boots rolled down... thumbs up!

Leire said...

really cute outfit! :)

Unknown said...

Digging this look and how you paired a fancy looking handbag with a denim jacket! I need to try that!