Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A couple of months ago, I developed about 4 rolls of film and 3 disposable cameras from the past four years. It was interesting to see what I had taken pictures of, and most of the earlier ones were boring. I love being able to forget about technical skills and just take a picture! Obviously the pictures are pretty bad quality, but I love them anyway <3

 -This is me taking a lame picture of myself in the mirror with my film camera. This was probably my sophomore year of college. I miss being that skinny...

- I haven't the slightest clue where this was taken.

-Mehilah at my church. This was a couple of years ago, and she has changed a lot since then. Her hair is now down to her butt!!! HA

-I don't know what happened here. I can tell there is some sort of cracked surface, but I can see the playground toys as well. I guess it's a reflection...who knows. I like it

-This is why I love film. Two great views in Gulf Shores when I went with my family
-My cute kitty with his toy dog.

-A lot of photography students took a trip to Nashville to visit the Frist and two photographers, Jeremy Cowart and David Bean. It was a great trip! I took a little disposable with me and had fun catching people off guard.

-Me and Alanna took a random trip to Nashville to shop and such. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to do some film strips.

-This was on the way to Nashville. I love skies like this

-We got to go to Urban Outfitters! LOVE! ; We love to pose by the crazy statues in this 5 foot ice cream cone ; I got a little crazy in the car ; Alanna tries to get away from the camera...but I caught her.

-One of the loves of my life. This is my little sister, Zoey. She's THE BEST!

I hope these weren't too boring. I think it's important to document your life, even if it's on a cheap disposable camera. Sometimes carrying that big dslr around is just not practical.

<3<3<3 Kristi

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Anonymous said...

I loved your "forgoten" photos, from time to time it is beneficial to our soul to look back to where we've been in order to appreciate where we are now:-)
Ana McMurry!