Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New listing and pouting

Let it Salt
Just wanted to put this out here: New listing! 4x6 luster print of "Let it Salt" I love this picture, it's one of my favs :)

Also, I am in such a sour mood right now. I took a shower to try to cheer me up, but I'm still just stewing. The air in the upstairs of my house went out, and I have 4 people living up there. So not only do I need to get it fixed, I need to get it fixed before they melt! I just don't like having to deal with this kind of stuff. I want my step-dad to be here to deal with it...or a husband maybe (yeah right). Why can't they make houses that never have problems? I guess that's only in my dreams.

I need to have a nice hot bubble bath.

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