Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Aries & Damian Elegant Wedding in Tennessee

Last weekend I had the pleasure of document Aries and Damian's much anticipated wedding at The New Southern Hotel in downtown Jackson, Tennessee. I met these two I don't even remember how long ago, and I was so excited to finally get to see them say "I do"! I know they had to make some compromises due to the pandemic, but they handled it so gracefully and everything was absolutely perfect.

We had a shortened day, but I still came to the venue early enough to get some getting-ready photos and some detail shots.


Soon it was time for the ceremony! Aries and Damian's precious baby was the flower girl, and she fell asleep right before the ceremony. She rode down the aisle in the carriage and was absolutely adorable!

Once she made it down the aisle, she popped right awake! So cute.

After the ceremony, we headed outside for a few photos. I was worried it would be super hot, but it wasn't too bad. We didn't venture far, and made sure to get some right outside the venue!

We came back inside and they had a first dance. The reception was very condensed, so we went through all the typical reception events pretty quickly while guests just snacked on a few things and mingled.

Before I headed out for the day, we took a few more pictures with the sweet baby. I couldn't believe how good she was this whole time! She was an absolute angel.

This was such a wonderful day! I'm bummed they didn't get to have the full day they imagined, but I'm just glad they were able to get married. I know this has been such a tough time for everyone, and it was great to just be HAPPY for a few hours. And I'm so happy for them!

Venue: The New Southern Hotel
Videographer: Lorenzo DaVinci Hart Planners: Stephanie Hill & Michelle Whatley

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