Saturday, December 30, 2017

Chelsey and David - K&M Barn Fall Wedding in West Tennessee

Back in late October, Chelsey and David had a lovely wedding on a crisp fall day. It was supposed to storm like crazy that day, but somehow we made it through the day with only a little sprinkling. It was a miracle! I was nervous all morning that we wouldn't be able to do any photos outside on the gorgeous grounds of K&M Barn at Lewis Farm. Thankfully that didn't end up being the case.

When I first arrived, I got some detail shots of the setup. The fall colors were beautiful in the barn!

Those little homemade candy roses were amazing. I'm not going to lie, I ate a bunch of them...but don't worry, they had plenty!

I got some pictures of Chelsey and David as they got ready for the day.

So glad she was able to get Blair DeBerry-Whitt to do her hair and makeup! 

We were finally ready for a first look!

These two are just the sweetest. We had a pretty good chunk of time to take pictures, so off we went!

The leaves on the trees had just barely started to turn. It's really not until the last few days of October and early November that they peak. Then it's only for a couple of days! That fall window is so short. 

We did all of the family photos and bridal photos in a very short amount of time, then it was time to get ready for the ceremony.

Chelsey's niece entertaining herself while waiting for her big moment as a flower girl!


They're married! They walked out and then were introduced back in pretty quickly for the first dance. Originally, the ceremony was going to be on the patio, but because of the storm threat, everything was set up indoors, so no one even had to get up between ceremony and reception.

There were so many good angles for the first dance! You can tell in that one above that it started raining. Chelsey's expression is like "really?! now?!" haha I thought it was cute! Dancing in the rain is super romantic. 

Next was toasts from Chelsey's sister and David's brother.

Such sweet toasts! After this, everyone came by to hug and congratulate the Ferrells, then it was time for the food from Backyard BBQ and cake cutting. It was a pretty simple reception, which is normal for a Sunday wedding.

We had such a great time that day! The weather surprised us all, and these two had just a perfect wedding day. So glad I was there to document it!

Venue: K&M Barn at Lewis Farm
Cakes: Woodstock Bakeshop
Floral: Nancy's Carousel
Bride's Hair and Makeup: Blair DeBerry-Whitt
Catering: Backyard BBQ

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