Monday, September 4, 2017

Sara & Clint - Summer Wedding at Wildwood in McKenzie Tennessee

Sara and Clint's wedding last weekend may have been one of the most pleasant August weddings I've ever photographed! Not only was everyone having a great time and so nice, but the weather was actually pretty mild for summer. Everyone got ready at Sara's mom's house in McKenzie, and that's where I went first. Sara arrived with hair and makeup done, but we got a few pictures of her getting dressed, then some first looks with bridesmaids and Clint.

Sara made me so nervous walking on that dock with her heels, but thank goodness there were no disasters. She assured me that if she did fall in, she wanted me to keep shooting. I guess that would be something to remember!

Sara with her Diva.

After doing a few pictures around the pond, we headed to the venue. If you haven't noticed already, Sara has an absolutely radiant smile. Her joy is so evident, and honestly it would be hard to be in a bad mood around her! I could have photographed her gorgeous smile all day. I mean, I guess I did...haha

Sara is a practical joker, so she had an empty box to give Clint as his gift before she revealed his real gift. She got him some ostrich cowboy boots, which is something he'd wanted for years. It was a big hit! He wore them for the rest of the day.

Sara opened her gift and read her letter from Clint.

Sara's brother, Clay, was one of the groomsmen, and I was just in awe all day of his and Clint's relationship. Clay has special needs and is non-verbal (mostly, at least on this day...he may communicate more when there's less going on), but he and Clint have an obvious bond that was so heart-warming. Both Clint and Sara are truly wonderful people and just fit right into each other's families. They are very blessed!

They read their vows on camera for the video and they were sooo sweet!

Gifts for mom and mom-in-law. I love how close everyone is!

Clint and Sara were so happy that GDaddy was able to be at the wedding.

Clay (on the right) loves dancing! I caught the best expressions from him when he was dancing.

It was a beautiful ceremony! This venue is really pretty, and I enjoyed shooting there. Soon it was time to party!

Clint and his mom broke into a fun dance about a minute in. It was cute!

Ok, this next set of photos are probably my favorite of the day. These girls were determined! I was cracking up editing these.

As you can tell, everyone had a wonderful time! I admit, it got a little hot and crowded in that pavilion area, but I think I came away with some fun pictures anyway. It's kind of hard not to join in on the dancing sometimes! 

Congratulations to these two and their wonderful families. This was such a perfect day to celebrate the McClains!

Venue - Wildwood Wedding & Event Venue Hair & Make up - Amanda Oatvall DJ - Larry Williams Cakes - Sandy Clayton Catering - Joes BBQ Video - Durant Studios Videography

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