Sunday, June 11, 2017

Kristin & Corbin - Rustic Cowboy Wedding at Snider Farms in Jackson Tennessee

Kristin & Corbin had a perfect wedding last weekend full of personal touches that made the day so uniquely THEM. Corbin's family owns cows here in Tennessee and the Keen family knows all about the farm life! They wove elements of their love of farming into their wedding day, and it was beautiful.

The ladies started out the day at Snider Farm getting their hair and makeup done in the bridal suite.

They all looked so gorgeous! I loved Kristin's up-do so much with the braids in the back. I'll post another picture of it a little further down.

I also got several detail shots of the decor.

Boutonnieres inside shotgun shells

Kristin carried this down the aisle (if I remember right). It was a bonnet from when she was a baby that was made into a hanky for her wedding day.

Corbin's brother officiated the wedding, and he used this brand new bible with Corbin and Kristin's names engraved. I loved this personal touch to the ceremony! It was a surprise for them.

They did not do a first look, but they did exchange gifts.

Kristin ROCKED it on the gift for Corbin. She found a great watch and then had the back engraved with his grandparents' handwriting from a card. His grandmother, whom both of them were very close to, passed away recently, so this was a very thoughtful and personal gift. I teared up when she told me about it and then again when he opened would have too!

Corbin got her these gorgeous diamond earrings, which she was clearly impressed with! She loved them.

 I got a few pictures of the guys, then the girls. We did a reveal with the bridesmaids outside before we took pictures.

Kendrick Floral did a beautiful job! Kristin even teared up when she saw the bouquets. They were that perfect!

There's more of that gorgeous hair. It may be my favorite bridal hair ever!

This is why I love Kristin! haha.

Got some adorable photos of her with her niece and then several with the rest of the family. Then it was time for the ceremony!

Kristin told me Corbin is not a crier, but he was moved to tears on his wedding day, which is only appropriate! I loved being able to see visibly just how much he loves his bride!

The ceremony was so moving! Like I mentioned before, Corbin's brother officiated, which just made it so personal. He was really able to articulate the bond between them so well.

We went straight into some portraits. They were planning a pretty short reception, so I didn't want to take up too much time.

This was on the table where they were signing the marriage license. So adorable!

They exited to their guests ringing cowbells. Very unique and totally fitting for them!

 It was such a perfect wedding day! Kristin had no idea where they were headed for their honeymoon, but it ended up being Cancun. How amazing is that?! Props to Corbin for being able to keep that a secret.

Thank you two so much for including me in this amazing day. It was honestly a joy to get to know you both!

Bride's Dress: Low's Bridal
Hair/Makeup: Anna Catherine Reid
Floral: Kendrick Floral
Venue: The Barn at Snider Farms

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