Monday, January 2, 2017

Things to do in 2017

Another year, another list! Let's see how I did in 2016, shall we?

Here are the goals I set in 2016:

  1. Watch 20 books in my "1001 Movies to See Before You Die" book - I know I watched 19. I stopped keeping track, so I may have gotten another one in there. I count this a success since I at least got close. 
  2. Nail down "family formal" lighting - I feel pretty good about this. I've gotten a much better handle on my off-camera flash this year, so family formals have improved! 
  3. Write stuff down - I did this a little bit. I had some struggles this year that I wrote about as a sort of therapy for myself, then when I felt sufficiently recovered, I cut the pages out of my journal and trashed them...ha 
  4. Let feet heal, and run again - Prior to my dad passing away, I had started running again with minimal pain. I was doing pretty well! Hoping to get back to it this week.
  5. Go to church consistently - I had success with this on and off. We did start going to a Life Group though, so that's good! I did better in 2016 than in 2015, but hoping to improve even more in 2017. 
  6. Replace main camera - I tried out the successor of my camera, and while I liked it, I didn't feel the need to spend the money on it. The camera I have is still serving me well!
  7. Put $5000 toward Rhett's school loans - Success! This was difficult to make happen, but I did it. 
  8. Clean out garage - Didn't make even a little progress on this. 
  9. Read a book a month - I surpassed this goal by a lot! 66 books total. It's been a very wordy year.
  10. Get bushes removed in the backyard - Nope. Seriously have to make this happen eventually.
I honestly didn't feel like I did great this year, but looking back, it's not bad. I set manageable goals and did pretty well. Most of the year was ok, but it really hasn't been the most pleasant one. I was in a "valley" as I like to call it, emotionally, for most of the year. I did finally recover from that around early fall. Then my dad passed away on Thanksgiving and I sort of spiraled. I am good at hiding it, but it's been rough. Time is healing, though, and I'm slowing feeling better. 

Ok, so now that I've got that out of the way, let's look at 2017, shall we?

I hung out with my friend Josh last night and we came up with some goals. Feeling good about things so far!

  1. Read 50 books
  2. Clean & Organize garage (for real this time) - this is especially needed now that I have a lot of my dad's things that I'd like to hang onto.
  3. Tithe - I'm not consistent with this, so I want to get in the habit.
  4. Journal weekly - I have a weekly list making journal to help with this! Excited about that. 
  5. Research & choose new album for photography packages - I just want something a little nicer
  6. Run ≥ 5 miles a week
  7. Clean out closet and fix up guestroom - That room needs help!
  8. Go through boxes in the attic
  9. Minimize:
    • Possessions
    • Social Media
    • Junk Food
These all seem very doable! Nothing too crazy, and mostly stuff that is measurable. I am looking forward to this being a good year. Rhett and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage this year, AND I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday. I can't believe that I'll be 30 this year! I still don't feel like I'm that far removed from college, but I think that birthday will make it sink in. Here's hoping I don't feel too sad about getting older!

Hope you all have a happy and healthy 2017!

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