Friday, October 24, 2014

That One Time I Was a Bridesmaid

Always a photographer, never a guest...that's kind of how it goes in my life. I don't mind, honest! But I must say, it was really fun to be a bridesmaid a few weeks ago at my friend Gabrielle's wedding. The best part? It was in Florida! I got to take a vacation AND celebrate with one of my best friends all at the same time. I drove down with Gabrielle's mom, Jana, and my friend Libby, who came for fun because we had an extra room. It was a great trip, and we ended up in a really cool condo in Destin. It was on the top floor so we have a nice view of the ocean! I'm not a fan of sand, so I didn't mind being across the road from the actual beach. Libby and I spent just a few hours down by the water, but the rest of the time was relaxing or wedding festivities.

I love taking Gabrielle's picture. How could I not?! She's adorable. She tolerates me :) 

Ready for the rehearsal dinner with the gorgeous bride!  

My travel buddies, Libby and Jana 

Rehearsal dinner. I didn't take photos during the dinner because it was sooooo dark.  

The wedding took place in Santa Rosa, as the home of Gabrielle's grandmother Martha. The ceremony was on the dock over the bay! Anyone else start singing Otis Redding? Good...

I wanted to be in at least one of the photos :) 

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, and no one fell into the water. I so loved getting to stand up there next to Gabrielle as she and Zach said "I do." It was just so special to be a part of their big day! After the ceremony, everyone mingled and enjoyed the beautiful evening by the water. We ate some delicious food and enjoyed that yummy cake. After some wonderful conversation and food, everyone headed back to their condos/houses and that was it. It went by so quickly! I took some photos throughout the day and at the reception, but I left most of the photographing to the photographer for once. It was interesting to be on the other side of the camera!

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