Thursday, May 1, 2014

JerseyMaids Galaxy - Round 2

Lauren, the talent behind JerseyMaids, sent me a few more items to photograph for her website. The new pieces are awesome, and BOY OH BOY do I love that lunar phases bracelet! So that we could keep it cohesive, I used the same set as the last time, and they turned out well. Y'all head on over to her shop to check out more of her awesome work!

Sorry for the long break if there are any regular readers out there. I have kind of converted this into a photography blog, mainly because I'm trying to build my business. I also just spend a lot of time on that now, so there's not as much other stuff to blog about it! I don't mind that at all :)

I just got back from vacation yesterday, so I'll share a few photos from my phone soon! It was an awesome trip, but I'm happy to be back home with my little Chipper buddy. I missed him so.

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