Friday, March 14, 2014

For the Love of Pie - Learning How to Bake

So my friend Lisa, master chef and pie baker extraordinaire, has started hosting pie classes. She lets a small group of people come in and learn how to make her popular caramel apple pie. Now tell me that's not the most awesome thing ever! I hired Lisa to make the jar pies I had at my wedding and they were a huge hit. Now that Lisa has shared her knowledge with me, I'll definitely be trying this myself eventually. The one I made in class turned out awesome! I never realized how every little thing affects the way the crust turns out...and it's all about the crust.

UPDATE: Totally just realized today is Pi Day...I HAVE PERFECT TIMING. (Let's pretend I did it on purpose)

I know it's not the prettiest. I didn't do the best job rolling out my dough, but it still tasted darn good! This is half of a 9" pie recipe. She paired us up so we could split the recipe into these smaller serving pies. Honestly I LOVE that size. It's not so big that I feel guilty :) And I can go ahead and make two anyway and just freeze the other one for a few weeks later.

I guess the moment of truth will come when I try to make this by myself.

P.S. Lisa also makes some killer indigo dyed scarves over at Garner Blue. You should totally check them out!

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