Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ben + Margaret Kudzu Engagement

My last post was all about the adorable party that we threw to celebrate Ben and Margaret's engagement, and now I am excited to share their engagement photos. They wanted to take them in kudzu, and Josh found this great spot! I couldn't convince Margaret to sit it in though...too many spiders. haha! They were so easy to photograph because they are so natural in front of the camera. They are so obviously in love, and it's been amazing to watch them go from first date to engagement. I've been so privileged to know these two, and I can't see where this next step in life takes them. Hopefully not too far away from me. :)  

After we took pictures in the kudzu, we went around the corner to this cool open warehouse. It's been abandoned for years, so it's kind of a "spot" for photographers. You have to admit, it's gorgeous! 

Now in just a few more months, I'll get to watch Margaret walk down the aisle and marry her awesome dude! It's going to be the best wedding ever, I just know it. 

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