Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekend thinking about Home

Assignment 4 for my Photo Editing class was "Home."  I realized that I don't really know what home means to me so I sort of took photos of a lot of different things to try and figure it out.

At first I was going the direction of photographing memories, but I decided that's just not what home really means for me. Home for me is more of a situation, so I ended up with a portraits of my parents, who divorced when I was two. My home has been a broken one since I can remember, but don't feel sorry for me because I have twice as much love in my life because of it.   It's like having double the family...double the fun. (They were both remarried when I was really young)

These are some outtakes from that little exploration. 

Of course I took a million pictures of my sister while I was at my dad's house. I mean, how could I not?! She's the most adorable kid in the world!

Now you know...

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