Saturday, February 6, 2010

Successful Saturday Shopping

I just got a new roommate and we decided to go out shopping today. We stopped by the flea market, the antique store down the road, and Goodwill (50% off day!). I got a nice warm hat at the flea market for only $3! I pretty much only bought it because it was FREEZING outside...but I'm sure I'll wear it around sometime.

and yes, that is my photo hanging on the wall...I feel bad displaying my own work, but I didn't have anywhere else to put it! haha

The antique store is where I got the real treasures! I would have gotten so much more if I had more money saved up. I got some great fabric scraps for a dollar each. I will probably use it for some cards, or some photo gifts for people. I love combining photography with fabrics and sewing :)

I also got a gorgeous vintage brooch, with a pretty stone in the middle. I am going to wear it on my blazer to work. It was only $2! I feel like such a cheap skate, but that's what college does to you!

Ok and last, but not least, I got an AWESOME vintage scarf for $2. It's red with a pretty pattern on it. I have a couple of other scarfs like this and I love them :)

Goodwill was cleaned out, so I didn't get anything there. That's all for my Saturday Shopping! I feel like I did pretty good today. I am still looking for a little miniature kitty for a new photo, but it is taking me a while to find the perfect one. I am looking forward to warmer temperatures so there will be yard sales!

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