Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shop MY Town!!!

Etsy gave me a wonderful idea this morning! Here's a list of items from shops around my town: Jackson, Tennessee. Jackson is a small-ish town between Nashville and Memphis. Jackson is known as the home of Carl Perkins, Casey Jones and the Casey Jones Museum. Enjoy these items from Jackson, Tennessee and let me know what you think! If any of you Jackson folks ever want help with your product photos, let me know! I'd love to help you out :)

I came across apple cozies for the first time on etsy and I've seen some adorable ones since I've been here! This one appeals to my inner child. It reminds of the good 'ole days when Lisa Frank stuff was all I wanted for Christmas. Enjoy this AWESOME apple cozy or "apple sweater," as I like to call it, by kris0376. Who, by the way, has the same name as me :)

Up next comes one dang talented potter: claydogstudio. I'm so impressed by this work. It was hard to pick just one item from this shop but I think this Honeycomb and Bee Luminary Candle Holder with Golden Honey Glaze. She throws her stoneware pieces on the wheel and then hand carves them. So good! Enjoy this great candle holder and visit her shop to see more great stuff.

Now comes....dum da da dummmmm JEWELRY! Etsy has such a huge selection of jewelry. You pretty much can't go wrong! Here in Jackson we have a wonderful jewelry maker: jaijohnson. Her apatite and freshwater pearls earrings are TO DIE FOR! I love the way they look tangled and mangled and have those gorgeous blue stones in the mix. Enjoy!
Alright that's all I have time for today. I am an etsy seller but I'm also a college student...and class is calling. I hope I've left you with a great sampling of what Jackson, Tennessee has to offer. Enjoy your Christmas shopping this season.


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