Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vintage Blue Violet

About a week ago, I got to plan a delightful dinner party with some wonderful friends of mine. We got together Saturday morning and went shopping at the farmer's market. We picked up everything we needed, then re-convened that evening to cook together. It was such a fun day! So, I wanted an outfit that I could wear both shopping and dining. I decided on shorts and a breezy blouse so that I'd be comfortable all day. I figured since the dinner party was in the backyard, I'd still be appropriate.

shirt- vintage
shorts- old navy
belt, sandals- thrift
earrings- old (not sure where from)

I picked up the blouse at the flea market a few weeks back. You guys, we do NOT have vintage sellers around here...we just don't. So I was absolutely stunned when I saw a vintage clothing vender at our junk flea market. I talked to her for a minute and I could tell she probably wouldn't set up there many more times. I doubt she got much business, but she actually had some great stuff. And as you can tell, I found a shirt I liked. She does have an online marketplace that I plan to check out soon. Maybe, just maybe, she'll be back at the flea market next time. I'd love to go back for more.

The four of us that planned the dinner party are all going to do blog posts together, so we're waiting until everyone is ready. Margaret is putting together a video, so that will take a minute. Anyone who has ever edited a video knows how much work that is! But that's definitely something you can look forward to seeing on here. I am just dying to share all the details! It was such a fun party. Ok, I'm done gushing...for now :)


cb said...

i want to come to one of your dinner parties! i need more of those in my life! i love that purple on you, it is such a great color and im not really a big fan of purple. it looks like silk, no? either way it looks great on you!

ElsaD said...

What a nice vintage find! Nothing like great dinner parties in good company, right? xoxo

Heba said...

I love dinner parties, it is all about good food and gathering with family or friends.. btw your outfit is so cute


Katie (Lemon Jitters) said...

Cute outfit, Kristi!

Kristian said...

We have that same problem of just flat out no vintage sellers (a few churches open- I kid you not- 10-4 on Thursdays is the closest we come). So I share in your delight at this find! How fun! It looks very cute too.