Friday, August 24, 2012

Chic Critique: Photography Idol

Do you guys remember that one time back in January when I said I wanted to enter more photo contests? Yeah...that's one of my "resolutions" that hasn't quite been met. BUT I'm changing that right now... in August. I'm entering this photo of Laura to be considered for Chic Critique's Photography Idol. I will be opening myself up to critique, which I honestly miss since being out of school. It's hard to know where to improve when no one is pointing out your weaknesses! I know it's kind of a long shot, but cross your fingers for me that I get picked :)

I had to choose one...yes ONE...image to represent my style. How do you even begin to do that? Well I know this particular shoot was one of the most fun that I've ever done, so that's how I narrowed it down. Even though it's not the BEST shot from the day, it shows how I gravitate toward interesting light and how I use my rule of thirds. I'm all about some rule of thirds y'all! The downside is that it doesn't show how much I love color...but the dramatic light kind of trumps that for me. Here's the rest from that shoot if you want to see:

I can't even explain how much I miss taking photos like this. I think once the cooler weather shows back up, I'm going to get someone to model for me again. It's just been way too long!

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