Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby B

Our church has a new member! Beatrice is about a month old now, and she's such a sweetie. I went over to visit the other day and take a few shots, and she was a perfect little angel the whole time. I can't believe how much hair she was born with, and when it's wet, it get's curly! I wanted to smuggle her out with me, but I'm sure I wouldn't get away with it. Anyway, I hope these pictures fulfill your daily cuteness requirements!

The middle name of each child born in the family is Simpelo, Amanda's maiden name. It's a Filipino tradition. I kind of love that tradition, and they got lucky having a nice pleasant name like Simpelo. It just rolls off the tongue :) I don't think McMurry would sound quite as good as a middle name...

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Hollie said...

these are so sweet - and I love the tradition behind the middle name.