Monday, August 13, 2012

Coral Weekend

Sometimes I have to come up with an excuse to actually put some effort into my appearance, and Saturday was one of those days. I asked Margaret if she wanted to get together and take some outfit shots, so that was my excuse this time. I put together some of my newer (and new favorite!) items, and it was a great outfit for just running a few errands and enjoying a nice day. CONFESSION: I didn't actually wear these shoes all day...I slipped on some comfortable sandals for walking around stores. Hey, don't judge.

First, let's talk about that fun shirt! I got it in my most recent Stitch Fix, and this was the first time I've worn it. The fabric was a little clingy, but it was overall pretty comfortable! I like loose tops like that, especially when they are a pretty color. Recently I got two pair of Levi's at the outlet in Nashville, and I love them both, especially these gray ones! I definitely recommend them (just don't buy them online...made that mistake once). The daffodil earrings came from a shop on Etsy (stranded treasures). She makes them from polymer clay, and she can do different color combos. I was thinking of wearing them in the wedding, but now that I have them I don't think I will. My favorite flower is the daffodil, but the earrings don't look as much like daffodils in person as I anticipated. Oh well! I still like them.

top- Ark and Co. from Stitch Fix
jeans- Levi
shoes- Target
earrings- Etsy

Saturday was actually a really great day. I didn't have any obligations, so I was able to work on a lot of projects for the wedding. I even got to go grocery shopping! I will say that sitting cross-legged in my floor cutting strips of paper wasn't great on my knees. I'm still a little sore from all that crafting :)


cb said...

You look super sassy in the first picture, i like! The shirt with the earrings is great! I remember that shirt from your last stitch fix post. I really need to try that out! I also love the ones of you on the tire swing, it looks so sweet and looks like lots of fun!

Hollie said...

that color looks good on you! also, I have those same shoes. :]

Pati Mo said...

Love your light green nail polish! Xx

Diana Mieczan said...

That colour is perfect for you and the top looks amazing:) Those are the sweetest photos. I especially love the one before the last one. Happy Wed, sweetie.

his little lady said...

i love all the tiny details of your outfit. you are just too cute, girl!
xo TJ

Kim said...

love the shirt. and the color. you look adorable!

found the route

The Perfect Pear said...

SUCH a cute shirt, love the little cut out bits! :) cute shoes too!