Monday, April 16, 2018

Catunya & Lamonte - 25 Year Vow Renewal at the Aeneas Building, Jackson Tennessee

At the beginning of April, I had the pleasure of photographing a vow renewal at Unity Temple Church in Jackson, with a reception following at the newly painted Aeneas Building. Catunya and Lamonte celebrated 25 years with a lovely ceremony and reception with their friends and family!

I arrived at the church and got a few shots of the ladies getting ready.

Everyone headed to the Aeneas Building to get dressed for photos.

I started by taking photos of Catunya, then some with her bridesmaids and family.

The girls headed back to the church and I took some photos of Lamonte and his guys.

As you can see, Lamonte was in the Navy, and he wore his dress whites. After the guys left, I got some detail photos around the venue. Southern Sparkle Wedding and Event Planning did a fantastic job!

Back at the church, I got ready for the ceremony! The main event!

Lamonte had me tearing up. I hope my husband still feels this way about me in 25 years. These two are very blessed to have each other!

After the ceremony, we took some pictures of the bridal party, the family and then the happy couple together.

I was only at the reception for a couple of hours, but I got shots of some toasts, a little dancing and a fun cake cutting!

Lamonte surprised his bride with a trip. Their children helped with the big reveal!

It was a great day, and I wish them another 25+ years of happiness together!

Venue: Unity Temple Church / Aeneas Building
Planner: Southern Sparkle Wedding and Event Planning
Catering: Me and My Tea Room

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lisa & Tanner - Early Spring Barn Wedding in Jackson Tennessee

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to The Barn at Snider Farms to photograph the Hensley wedding. Lisa and Tanner are such a great couple, and I was so excited to be included in their big day!

I started out by getting a few detail shots and some photos of everyone getting ready.

If you can't tell from the cake and the ring, Tanner is a baseball fan!

Lisa gave her bridesmaids these cozy blankets so we took a photo of them all snuggled together outside the barn.

After everyone was ready, we did a first look with Tanner and Lisa.

They exchanged gifts during the first look. Love when couples do that!

You can probably tell it was a cloudy day, but we got really lucky and it didn't rain until the very end of the night! The temperature was pretty nice too.

They root for different teams, but they make it work!

Brother and sister silliness. These two are both so fun!

I can't explain the's just a thing. Apparently rubber chickens show up at every wedding in Lisa's family. Tanner threw it at the girls as they were walking up to the barn. Ha! Their expressions crack me up.

Tanner's gift to his guys was these baseball bat tumblers. So neat!

Toasts with dad

Soon it was time for the ceremony! It was held inside the barn, and it was a beautiful, intimate ceremony. The dark ceremonies are hard to photograph, but I just love the atmosphere!

She was really into the flower girl duties!

Our last flower girl was NOT a fan! haha

It was so beautiful! Congrats, you two!

One of the flower girls got up under Lisa's dress, and once everyone noticed, it was pretty funny. So that brings up something I definitely want to point out...Lisa's mom made an overskirt for her dress that she added before walking down the aisle. It was BEAUTIFUL! I was so impressed with it, and I'm so glad we got some pictures after the ceremony with the skirt added.

After photos, everyone went back into the barn for the reception. They had moved the chairs from the ceremony aside so there were tables all around and a dance floor.

Tanner lost his mother a couple of years ago, so he danced with his grandmother. It was such a sweet moment for them, and I know having his grandmother there to dance with him was special for Tanner.

It started to rain a little, but we got the sparkler exit in while it was just sprinkling.

They really went crazy on the car!

Now Tanner and Lisa are headed on their honeymoon during Spring Break to bask in the sun and relax! I'm not jealous or anything... :D

Congrats to you two, and I hope you have an awesome time this week!

Venue: The Barn at Snider Farms
Catering: Rhodes Diner