Monday, October 17, 2011

On the hunt: Curtains

Well guys, I recently rearranged my room, got a new desk and started painting (started...not finished). I am keeping my blue accent wall, but the other walls needed a fresh coat. I really want to post pictures, but I need to get some curtains first! I've been looking around and here is some curtain inspiration that I've found... enjoy!

That's just a few that I like...I'm definitely not set on anything yet. I might just go shopping for fabric and make my own in the end. Of course, I need to magically know how to sew to do that...or know someone who will sew them for me. Either way, when I finally get some, I'll post pictures of my room!


Hollie said...

do you have a World Market near you? They always have good curtain choices.

cb said...

oh picking out fabric at the store is so much fun! sometimes a bit too much fun! hehe

Maxabella said...

Curtains are hard, I think. I love your choices so far... the first in particular. x