Monday, October 31, 2011

District Devin: Art for your Home

I'd like to introduce a new series to the blog! I'm calling it District Devin because...ALLITERATION IS ALL THE RAGE! Anyway, enjoy. This will be an end-of-the-month segment for you all to look forward to. 

Hi all! My name is Devin and I run OooohShiny over on Etsy. I’m one of those people who love to write and chat and all that good stuff but have tried and failed approximately twelve times to keep a blog of my own, so Kristi has graciously offered me a monthly spot on her blog to do what I want. Within reason.

Since you’re a reader of Kristi’s blog, I assume you either like art / photography or just like Kristi. All of those things are awesome, but I want to focus on the art side of things today.

I’ve recently been on an art spree over in Etsyland, collecting items for the new house that is going to happen one day in the hopefully near future and wanted to share with you some of the amazing things I’ve found.

Sarah is the genius behind Sometimes I Swirl and I’m in love with just about everything in her shop. She has turned doodles into beautiful works of art, ranging from embroidery pieces to vases. We share a love of all things black and white (and gray) but there are some pieces in her shop that are so vibrant and full of color that they’re hard to resist. I’ve picked up five items from Sarah recently and imagine I’ll be back soon.

Little Bean Prints is named for Marie’s daughter. Her shops boasts “Art prints for nursery, child or adult,” and it’s true. There’s a sort of whimsical quality in all of her artwork. Her nature-inspired drawings are nothing extravagant, but there is definite beauty in her simple lines and subtle colors.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Lisa from Ellemoss. Hers was one of the first photo shops I ever found on Etsy and I’ve been absolutely infatuated ever since. Her photos are absolutely incredible - dreamy and dark and surreal. There’s a bit of mystery in her art and I believe her images mean something different to each person. 

And lastly, we have Trafalgar's Square. My best friend had a daughter earlier this month and I went a bit crazy in Kit’s shop. I mean, seriously - one look at her sweet paintings and you can’t help but smile. And want to hug the nearest fluffy thing in sight (in my case, it’s my dog, who returns the favor with tons of kisses). No nursery would be complete without a piece from this shop.

That’s it for me for now! I hope you enjoyed a peek into some of my favorite things. Go forth and be creative!



Sara said...

GORGEOUS!!! Every last one of them! I cannot wait until i finally make a decision as to WHICH ElleMoss prints I shall make my own.....*swoon*

Katrina said...

Awesome picks - happy to see some of my favorites here!

cb said...

what a great new series! i love ooohshiny's work!! french knots are so hard and she does a fabulous job! rock it lady!

balanced. said...

great picks, Devin!

Sarah said...

how am i just seeing this now?!? thank you SO much for all your wonderfully kind words, miss devin - love this post and am quite honored to be included with such talented fellow artists!! :)