Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arguing Color

You all know there are 3 primary colors of light: blue, red, and yellow. From these colors we get the whole color spectrum...which is VAST. I very frequently find myself arguing with people over what color something is...too often to be normal, I'm sure.

"This is blue, no it's green...blah blah blah."

Today I am wearing a shirt that I consider yellow, but my coworkers say is more green. Now... I realize that it's probably just a mix of yellow and green, thus making us all partially right, but I set out to prove myself myself.

Here's the shirt, with the CMYK numbers taken from the PICTURE (not the color I actually see when I look down at it).

It does have quite a bit of cyan in it when it's on screen, but it's actually much darker in person. STILL a large amount of yellow and not much cyan (which is what would make it green). I held up the Pantone swatches until I found a match, and I ended up with 111 PC. The Pantone that matches the picture and the Pantone that matches what I see are pretty close, so I think I did a pretty decent job of pinpointing it.

The picture closely matches 103 PC, but to my eye it's 111 PC. Why does any of this matter? I don't know..., but guess what? NOWHERE NEAR THE GREEN SWATCHES! I may still be wrong, but I've convinced myself that I'm right...this shirt is yellow...and that's all that matters.

Does anybody else argue about colors? I really hope I'm not the only one.


Hollie said...

it looks yellow to me!

Anonymous said...

it is yellow - green. if it was yellow it would have less than 5 Cyan

cb said...

I argue about color too. So dont worry. I think it is definately yellow but has a bit of blue in it that gives it that bit of green look.

Alethea said...

You're not alone. Ever since I started taking a college class on color, it's been happening more often. I chalk it up to having painting on the brain 24/7 in my case though. haha.

b. said...

boy and i argue about color, although we don't get out the pantone...although if we had one at home i am sure we would.

i am so glad other people are geeks like me!


Piggy said...

Definitely yellow.. don't see the green at all..