Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Burrito Meal

Yesterday was the Robster's birthday! Rob (or melodrobmatic, as we like to lovingly call him) is our student designer in the office, and we like to be nice to our student designers occasionally. One of his favorite restaurants in town is this hole-in-the-wall called Burrito Meal, so we all went there. I've always heard good things about Burrito Meal, but had never been myself. It's pretty simple...just burritos and other simple things for $5-6. It's about as plain, simple and jankity as you can get, but it's honestly pretty awesome. I'd rather go here than Moe's ANY DAY (but that's mainly because I detest Moe's).

I didn't want to get too adventurous, so I just got a chorizo burrito. It.was.incredible. The owner uses this sauce he came up with that is just the right amount sweet and's delicious. The burrito was so big, I could have made two meals from it, but it was hard not to eat it all. I think next time, I'll plan on taking some home so I don't spend the rest of the afternoon in agony from being so full.

Note to self: burrito and dr. pepper for lunch does not jive well with a late day run.

Ok, but seriously, if you're in town...try out Burrito Meal. It's on Airways currently, but the rumor is that they are moving a little farther North. Don't be turned off by the hole-in-the-wall this case you really can't judge the book by it's cover.


cb said...

ummm burritos! i call them the mexican sleeping pill! yea they aren't the greatest if you want to be active after but i am sure it was yummy while you ate it!

alicia said...

now i want a burrito. BAD.