Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cardigans Make Winter Tolerable

One of the ONLY things I like about cold weather is that it is cardigan weather. I only have a handful of cardigans, but I wear the mess out of them...let me tell ya. Today I wore one of my's a Vera Wang for Kohl's purple boyfriend cardigan (at least I think that's what this style is called). I still remember that I got it for Christmas one year from my dad and step-mom! Funny how I can remember that, but I can't remember if I took my vitamins this morning...hmmmm

 cardigan- Vera Wang for Kohls
 tank tops, flats, scarf- Express
 pants- Target

Try to look past how ridiculous I look and see how AWESOME that light is!!! It only lasts for like 5 minutes, but boy it is great. I love the evening sun. You'll also see that I busted out the scarf today. It warmed up slightly from earlier in the week, but I still thought the 50 degree weather called for a loose scarf. My neck will see a lot of this b/w striped scarf this winter.

So, cardigans make winter tolerable for me. What about you guys? What helps you get through this inevitable CRAP season? (examples: Christmas, hot chocolate, all the scary snakes are hibernating...)


lynn said...

Since I'm up in Massachusetts we deal with a lot of crap weather. I have a parka jacket that I sport from Nov- March haha. Warm tall socks are my favorite.

cb said...

i agree cardigans are one of the best things about winter! i LOVE the light in these pictures and the last two of the shoes are awesome!! i love them!

Mama Wolf said...

Your photos are so fun, and I' digging your shoes!

hahah crap season? I loooooove this season, but it hardly gets below 40 degrees where I live. Coats, tights, boots, and scarves are all the wonderful things for the remainder of the year!

xoxo mama wolf


Aw, adorable outfit and I LOVE those flats -so cute!! Also, I seriously can't get enough of cardigans, my collection of them is rather massive. Haha! Enjoy your weekend hun. xo veronika