Monday, October 10, 2011

I Made Scones!

First of all happy birthday to my friend and coworker Sarah! I don't actually have a picture of her to put on here, but here is the screen saver and desk full of balloons that she came in to this morning.

She came in earlier than Scott and I, but she said it made her smile when she saw it :) I also made her some scones because she LOVES scones. I have never made scones (or biscuits, because Rhett refuses to acknowledge that there is a difference), but I was excited to try. I just used the basic recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and it was SUPER easy! I was one egg short, but I added some extra cream so I wouldn't lose the moisture. I feel like that threw off the dough because it was crazy sticky, but the end product still tasted good. They weren't as good as the scones we get at the campus coffee house, but they were pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I think I'll be making scones again now that I know it's so simple!

Say it with me now... "mmmmmmmmmm!" I wish I could bluetooth you all your own scone, but technology hasn't advanced that far yet. Those are chocolate chips, by the way. The recipe calls for currants but I was like forget that, it's her 30th birthday! Who wants currants when you can have chocolate chips?! If anyone wants the recipe and doesn't have the BH&G cookbook, let me know and I'll scan a copy for you! No charge :)


cb said...

you are the cutest! i am sure you made your coworkers day! i have never had a scone before but i do love me a good biscuit!

Ana McMurry said...

U R a true friend Kristi, who wouldn't get happy to find a desk full of baloons and a desk-top picture with her/his co-workers first thing in the morning?:-) I know it would make my day! Especially those good looking scones...definitely would like the recipe. Thanks!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

so very sweet of you!