Saturday, October 29, 2011

John and Mallory

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of John and Mallory. I've sort of known Mallory for a while. I worked with one of her friends when I was in college, and then I lived with one of her other friends a few years ago. Since we had a couple of connections, she asked if I would photograph her wedding. Of course I said yes, and I was so excited! The wedding was at a lodge in Natchez Trace State the Fall. Perfection.

I love the groom's cake. He's a drummer for a band called Ruacamole, so the cake had drum sticks and music was pretty great. I love how the groom's cake is always an expression of who they are. 

When he saw her coming down the aisle, he started fiddling with his cuff links. It was the cutest thing EVER! I love it when grooms get choked up when they see their bride. That makes the moment even more special.

Mallory was a beautiful bride. She wanted to feel like a classic movie star (I can't remember which one...Rita Hayworth maybe?), and she certainly fit the role that day.  Instead of a unity candle, they poured different color sands into one container to symbolize their unity. Mallory, like me, is not very traditional, so I loved this spin on the ceremony.

It was pretty sunny that day, but luckily I was able to find plenty of shade for pictures with all the trees around. During the ceremony there was a stream of sunlight coming right down to the middle, so it was difficult to get good even pictures. BUT they both moved into that sunlight for the kiss, so it turned out great! It's probably one of my favorite pictures from the day. 

John and Mallory have a little boy, Evan, and he is so adorable, I can't even handle it. He's at that squirmy age, so getting him to do pictures was hard, but we ended up with some good ones. He looked precious in his little man outfit.

It was such a great day. The colors were just starting to show on the trees, and it was that perfect temperature right in between hot and cold. It really was a perfect day for a wedding!

Congratulations, John and Mallory!


Piggy said...

Gorgeous photos.. Love the bouquet. I like your zoom ins of the drum sticks on the cake. really brings out the details - Alice

cb said...

these pictures are so pretty! the lighting is so nice and crisp! and i love the pictures of the rings! you did a fantastic job!

Sarah said...

what beautiful wedding pictures you took, you're very talented. The wedding looked perfect, and the bride looks stunning.