Thursday, October 13, 2011

Batik Pattern Clutch

A week or two ago, I entered a giveaway on the Branchbound blog for a store credit to BailyBelle's Etsy shop. Well...I won! I was so excited because I just love Vanessa's shop, as evidenced in this post and this post. So I picked out this awesome clutch with a gorgeous Batik fabric, since I already have a ton of her jewelry. It arrived the other day, packed up so nicely as usual.

The colors in the pattern are so fantastic! I haven't decided what to put in it, but I'm thinking I might use it to keep up with my car payment stubs/checks. Hopefully the bright colors will catch my eye and remind me to pay every month! Do you guys have any other ideas for what I could use it for? It's a little small to carry the contents of my purse, so it'll have to be for something special :)


Mary V said...

That is absolutely beautiful!! I have a dainty checkbook cover that I'm always afraid I'll get dirty, so I keep it outside my purse on my a decoration of sorts! hehe. This is just too pretty not to use, though. I say, show it off, use for checks, receipts or coupons..and nights on the town. :)

Mary V said...
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cb said...

Wow the fabric is soooo awesome! I really really love it!