Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mable Mae

I'm off to a wedding at Natchez Trace State Park today! I'm excited to shoot at one of the lodges there. The weather is perfect, and I know the wedding is going to be gorgeous. I will definitely post some pictures for you all when I get them edited. For now, though, here is a set of photos I did for Etsy seller MableMae recently. She's currently got her shop on vacation, but hopefully she'll be back up and running soon! She's one of my loyal customers when it comes to product shots.

How great are these for organizing your calendar?! They are cute little magnets. 

 another good idea for calendar organizing. this would really help me keep my to-do list in control!

She had tons of great things for me to shoot this time around! I love the camera magnets...I might have to snag me some of those with my Christmas money this year :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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cb said...

i really love these! the pins and the magnets! i would really like to get a bulletin board and have these pins to adorn it with!

have a great time shooting the wedding, can't wait to see!