Friday, September 16, 2011


I want to share with you guys one of my favorite soap makers. I started buying bar soap on Etsy a couple of years ago, and have never gone back to store-bought. I just love the huge variety of scents that are available, and I always love to help out small businesses (Rhett would say this makes me a hipster). One of my favorite sellers so far has been Prunella.

I always order multiples because I don't want to be buying soap every few weeks. Three bars will usually last me several months. Anyway, I got her "choose any three" option and chose Peppermint Vanilla, Tea Tree Lime and Blood Orange Ginger. In addition to those, she sent me a couple of samples. So far the sample of Rosemary Peppermint Lavendar that she sent has been my favorite. I rarely gush about things like soap, but OH MY GOODNESS. It smells like...well rosemary, peppermint, and lavendar...which is a killer combo! The rosemary also makes it like a massage bar, which feels great on your back especially. I just opened the Peppermint Vanilla the other day and am really enjoying it as well. I think scents with mint involved are my favorite, and vanilla is always pleasant.

Another aspect of Prunella that I love is the branding. I appreciate a well thought out "look" for a brand that doesn't include an ugly font. Prunella has beautiful packaging right down to the cushioning material, gorgeous shop photos, and great product to back it up. This really is small business done right...all of you entrepreneurs should take note.

*all photos from Prunella soap shop on Etsy

If you guys are looking for some great soap and like to buy handmade and want an overall pleasant experience, I highly recommend Prunella!


Ana McMurry said...

I've got to say, my first thought about these bar soaps was: they look like homemade chocolate bars you make and then wrap in simple paper and give to people:-) Somehow, the bar soaps made my mouth water as I was thinking at chocolate, given their square shape:-)

cb said...

I love handmade soap!! I wish i could smell it!!!

vintage process said...