Friday, September 2, 2011

Mini Golf

Ok confession: I LOVE MINI GOLF! I hardly ever play it because I don't really know anyone that will play with me. I'm sure if I asked, they would...but anyway. The last sport that Special Needs Athletics did was mini golf. It was 5 weeks but I only got to go to one week of it. I just wanted to show a few pictures here. Everyone seemed to have a lot of's a nice leisurely activity. Hopefully I'll convince someone to go play mini golf with me sometime this Fall.

 that's Marissa in the middle...I wish I could just take her home with me...she's so adorable!

Fall baseball has started up already and it's been fun so far! Look for pictures from that in a couple of months. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and super long weekend!


Anonymous said...

love your post .....

Katie said...

It looks like the last guy in the photos has a beard. But I'm pretty sure, upon closer inspection, that it's his shirt. Haha!

Don't you hate it when someone comments about something that has nothing to do with the post? Sorries. ;)

cb said...

who doesn't love mini golf! we have yet to go to the place right by our house! hmmm maybe a date with tom is in order!