Friday, September 30, 2011

Photography Show and Barefoots

Early in the summer, I put some of my miniature photos up in Barefoots Joe, our campus coffee shop. They've been up a looooong time, but they officially came down yesterday. I got lots of great comments on them! Several people said they enjoyed how much color it brought to the space. It was kind of fun seeing them up when I went to grab coffee (which, let's be honest, is way too often). I just wanted to share some pictures of the show with you guys.

I am keeping three of the frames to use in my living room, but I'm hoping to hang the rest in a local bank with my roommate's pottery! My bank does a monthly(?) art show, and I'm hoping we can do a joint one together. I would link to her Etsy shop, but she hasn't started one yet (hint, hint KELSEY!).

I'm going to go ahead and get new mattes made because the mattes that came with the IKEA frames were a weird size. The space between the photo and matte REALLY bothers me, but I didn't have the money to do new mattes at the oh well! Barefoots patrons are very forgiving :)

Have a good weekend everyone! Enjoy this amazing Fall weather.


lynn said...

wow the photos make the place! it would seem so boring without them

cb said...

how fun! i have always wanted to do a show but way to self conscience. your pieces look really really good in that space. glad you are keeping some. did you sell any?