Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friends and Food in Nashville

I posted about part of my Saturday the other day, but here is the rest! The main reason for Emily and me traveling to Nashville was to see our dear friend Libby finish her half marathon. We parked near 10 mile mark and based on the pace leaders figured out when she might come by. We were there just a few minutes, and all of the sudden there she was! We cheered... she smiled... it was nice. This was only about a block away from the finish line, so we headed over to get a good spot. People were already running in, and we eventually worked our way to the front to see her when she finished.

We are so proud of her! She worked really hard, and did so well. Her mom was walking it, so we hung out for a while and waited to cheer her on as she finished. It's really hard to describe the atmosphere at this race. I've been to races where people cheer you on, but this was insane. A lot of people finishing celebrated with cartwheels and other things that require much more energy than I would have after 13.1 miles. I don't think most races have this much hoopla, but they should!

After Libby got cleaned up and rested, we went to Elliston Place Soda Shop. Libby had passed it during the race and decided that's what she wanted. Who are we to deny a girl that just ran a half marathon?! I'm so glad we ended up going there because it was adorable. The waitress that served us was an absolute sweetheart, and the food was delicious as well. Of course we also indulged in some milk shakes...yummmmm.

Jukebox on the wall. Unfortunately it didn't work...I wanted to play Boogie Shoes!

This past Saturday was exactly what a Saturday should be. I got to see my friends, get out of town, shop, and eat great food. The perfect (though slightly hot) weather also had a lot to do with how much I enjoyed the day. I hope I get to have another "perfect" Saturday again soon!


cb said...

wow libby is super impressive! i can't run to save my life! congrats to her! that soda shop is super cute, i want to go there and have a milk shake too!

alicia said...

i LOVE the soda shop! and congratulations to libby for not dying after 1.5 minutes like i would have!

lynn said...

cute soda shop!