Monday, September 12, 2011


I am a little ashamed that it has taken me this long to blog about my favorite restaurant in town. Tulum is a Fresh Mexican Grill place that has a really beachy, light-hearted feel. If I can look past the Comic-Sans branding you KNOW I must love the food. (This is coming from the girl who will choose not to buy something based solely on the font on the label...usually Comic Sans, Curlz, Jokerman, or *shiver* Papyrus)

Anyway, enough about ugly fonts. THIS PLACE IS THE BOMB...yes I said it, the bomb...we all loved the 90s. It took me a couple of visits to get up the courage to try fish tacos, but OH MY they are good. I also love the tortas there, carne asada or machacha. I had fish tacos this Sunday because I'd recently eaten the ones at Cheddar's and needed to remind myself what a good fish taco should taste like (sorry, Cheddar' just don't measure up).

There they are in all their Obviously I couldn't restrain myself from taking a few bites before I took the picture. There are other things I love about Tulum other than the great fish tacos. You order at the front and they bring your food out, so it's pretty quick usually. I like that you can get your own salsa and drinks too. The tomatillo is SO GOOD. The back patio is also pretty nice. I've only sat out there twice, but I love the atmosphere. I do think they need a water installation or something out there to drown out the cars. Other than that, though, it's pretty perfect.

For those that read my blog and live here, you need to try this place out! If you don't live here, you should hop on a plane and give me a call. I'm buyin'!


cb said...

i want those tacos!! i love tulum and want to go back so bad, such a beautiful place!!!!! and so magical too!

Ana said...

O Dios mio, que comida deliciosa!!! A mi me gustan los tacos de pez tambien.