Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Terry and Tenille

Word of mouth is the best marketting tool that any photographer can have. If you do your job well and are a generally pleasant person to work with, you're get more customers! Tenille and I have a mutual friend, and she came to me to do her engagement portraits. I took them downtown at just the perfect time of day! The day had that end-of-summer look to it, and I loved it.

I am actually really happy with the way they turned out, which is rare. I'm usually pretty critical of my own work, and I just pretend to back it up. These I genuinely like! Terry and Tenille liked them too, and ended up asking me to shoot their wedding as well, which I'm very excited about! They were a great couple to work with, and I really look forward to their December wedding.


cb said...

they turned out great! i love the one with the music notes behind them and the sun flare one! the lighting as you said is perfect!

Little Lo Hood said...

great pictures! They look so happy and in love! :) -Lo

jozen said...

these pics are awesome! and yes word of mouth is THE best way to get business :)