Monday, September 19, 2011

Les Misérables at The Orpheum

My very generous step-dad bought tickets for him, my mom, and me to see the matinee of Les Misérables at The Orpheum on Sunday. I first went to The Orphuem when I was (insert young age here) to see The Phantom of the Opera, and thus began my love of the gorgeous venue and of on-stage musicals. This is the second time I've see Les Mis, and it's a very different show now than it was a few years ago, mainly because of the major changes in the set.

I am one of those people that tears up at those moments when the music swells and the actor reaches that know the one. Les Mis has several of those moments. Heart-stopping, take-your-breath-away moments. The actor who played Jean Valjean, J. Mark McVey, was especially good in my opinion, as was Jevert, Andrew Varela.

publicity photo. not mine

I noticed two major differences now that they've updated the set. *spoilers, but you should all know this story by now anyway* 1. The suicide scene. IT WAS AMAZING. They got really creative and made it a lot more dramatic than I remember it being before. In fact, I barely remembered it at all after the first time, but I assure you I will remember it this time. 2. The battle scene at the barricade. Eh...I think this scene lost a lot of it's impact. I just remember this epic moment at the end when I literally stopped breathing, and it wasn't there with the new set. It was still an effective scene, it just wasn't as...epic. Overall, though I think the show has improved a lot since I saw it last. If you saw it with the old set, you should definitely see it again.

I really could go on and on about this, but I don't want you all to think I'm a nut. I guess this is the first time I've ever blogged about a musical. Now you know a new fact about me: I am a huge fan of musical theatre. Now I'll go back to listening to the soundtrack :)


Rhonda said...

So wish I could have been there. Enjoyed reading your review. Rhonda

cb said...

i have always wanted to see this play! i want to rent the movie version but i am sure it is better on stage in real life. glad you had an awesome time, i am very jealous!

Katie said...

You look so pretty in that photo with your mom! I love this review - I think it adds more dimension to your blog but is still in keeping with the overall feel. And it makes me read about an interest that is different from mine.

pandora89 said...

Hello!:D Nice blog and pictures!:-)