Friday, July 8, 2011

South Carolina day 2 - rain and fireworks

Well we're on to day two of my Charleston trip. When we arrived at my aunt and uncle's house from the beach, we dragged ourselves through the house for a tour and then hit the sack. We slept for about 3 hours and then got up to hang out with Ana (my aunt). Ana took us for a walk around the area to a pretty lake. It was a nice day and it felt great to move around after being in the car for so long.

I don't remember why we were doing this...but there you have it. Ana, Mallory, me

See how clear that sky is behind me? No clouds whatsoever. Well, literally seconds after we took the picture, it just started pouring. We were about 2 miles away from where we that was fun. I would have actually enjoyed the rain if I didn't have my camera to protect, and if Ana weren't wearing a white dress. It was not ideal. I guess a small part of me still enjoyed stomping through the puddles back to the car. When it's hot out, cool rain feels incredible. We took a picture when we got back to the house, but I don't know if I want "wet dog Kristi" to make her debut quite yet. 

Uncle James had to work at the festival on the Naval base that night, so we got cleaned up and headed out to see him and enjoy the fireworks show. Fact: I LOVE LOVE LOVE festivals of any kind. I don't know why, but I just love to walk around and see people having a great time. This was actually on July 1st, but we'll pretend it was the 4th. 

Ana and Mallory decided to climb the rock wall. I stayed grounded and took the pictures because I am not a fan of dangling in the air. You will never see me bungee jumping or sky diving unless I'm being held at gun point (even then, I might not do it). They seemed to have fun though, and once they finished, we walked around and danced to M.C. Hammer until the fireworks started. 

It was a great show! I haven't really been to any fireworks shows since I've been a little older. I went to one as a young kid, but I barely remember it. I love the huge fireworks and all the colors. This was the best one I'd seen until the one we saw on the 4th, but I'll post about that later. 

When we got home, Ana heated up some stuffed peppers that she had made the day before. I haven't mentioned it yet, but Ana is a great cook! The picture doesn't make the peppers look incredibly appetizing, but they were...they definitely were. I've only been back home a few days and I already miss her cooking. 


Angie said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time and I think it is time we get to see "wet dog Kristi". lol. Love You!!!

Ana said...

Love your pictures Kristi and the way they tell me just how you live your life: pure and simple. Your images seem to capture the true meaning and essence of "The best things in life are free". There is so much positive energy in your pictures and your attitude towards nature, walking paths, and smelly perfumes, is contagious:-) Thanks for the cooking praise, we'll do it again next time you come by!

cb said...

are these pictures taken with your new point & shot? they are great! i would have stayed on the ground to, i hate rock climbing!! i have no upper arm strength so i get stuck, will never try it again!


Anonymous said...

So where were you staying? By the river??