Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Magnolia Plantation

On Sunday of our Charleston vacation, we journeyed out to Magnolia Plantation. It is an old rice plantation with gorgeous gardens and plenty to see. Here are some pictures from the day...

 Peacocks just walking around the plantation.. they make some terrifying sounds, like a dying cat baby.

 This is the plantation house that we toured

 me on the pretty white bridge

Sylvester. He was sitting outside the house, and I couldn't resist petting him.

 real life

 Me, Uncle James, Mallory

I realize we are hurting the bamboo...I'm sorry. There were literally thousands of names already carved here, so I figured we might as well.

 Mallory is a master photo-bomber

 a free refreshment from the nice folks at the plantation

"Come at me bro!"

It was a very nice day to be out and about. It was hot, but not sweltering like it has been lately. I love being outside, so this was a perfect thing to do for vacation. I feel like I should mention the ridiculous spiders that were around every corner. Banana spiders are these scary looking black and yellow things that apparently eat mosquitoes. I'm grateful, but seriously those things are flipping terrifying. I kept thinking they were on me whenever I saw one. Anyway, despite the big scary spiders everywhere, it was a gorgeous place to walk around. 


cb said...

these are the perfect pictures and totally represent what i think the south looks like! oh man i want to live in them!!! could that be possible? oh and lady you are looking so cute! i love the way you are wearing that scarf!


Hollie said...

that place looks amazing. I love the trees.

alicia said...

i saw this place on ghost adventures, but it looks a lot less terrifying during the day. AND with sno-cones!

jozen said...

awe! looks amazing!!!

love the side braid on you too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely. Thanks for taking me home for a minute as I looked through these photos.