Monday, July 18, 2011

Dwight + Pamela

 mom and bride

Earlier this summer I tagged along with Heather to a wedding in Memphis. Dwight and Pamela, bride and groom, are both Union grads, so I knew several people at the wedding. In fact, my roommate is good friends with Pamela so we rode to the wedding together! The bride and groom were just absolutely adorable and a joy to photograph.

 I actually have a terrifying/embarrassing story from this wedding. I was carrying Pamela's train while we were taking pictures outside, and when we turned a corner we stepped at different times and I stepped on her dress. Yep. Stepped...on...her...dress. My heart has never beat so fast in my life. It ripped one of the bottom layers a little at the hem, so we got some needle and thread to patch it up. It didn't show at all, but I still felt TERRIBLE! Pamela was such a sweetheart though, she never broke her sweet smile. I was so embarrassed I didn't even want to tell anyone (except the people there obviously), so you're all the first to hear about it. I think I'm mostly over it at this point :) Things happen!

 I love the milk glass. I'm planning on having lots of it at my wedding!

The milk went with the groom's cake. What a great idea!

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cb said...

beautiful pictures kristi! i love the milk shot, so clever! and who doesn't love a bit of milk with yummy cake!