Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adornments by Estelle

I get to photograph some really great Etsy products through my photography service, and this jewelry is one of the most recent sets I have had the pleasure of shooting. Estelle is in the same Etsy team as another seller that I've worked with, and she sent me some of her first pieces to get her shop started.

I just checked her shop earlier, and saw that she doesn't have any sales yet. Boo! I always feel like my pictures should make Etsy shops an instant hit :) Hopefully these great pieces just haven't been discovered by the right people yet. So! My favorite pieces of hers were the rings. They are various sizes so you can pick based on which finger you would like to wear them on. Who doesn't love a little hand candy?!

I love the texture in that blue one, and the black one is perfect for a classy outfit.

special thanks to Lauren for being my model


cb said...

i love the rings! they are so cool. i am so glad you photography services are doing really well! yay!!


Bre said...

Yeah that black ring is pretty awesome.