Monday, July 25, 2011

bainey waineys

One of my friends at church, Amanda, asked me to come over and take some pictures of her cutie pie little family the other day. I went over after work one day, and we had a great time running around their house and yard getting pictures. I've known each of these kiddos from birth and have really loved seeing them grow up. If you're wondering about the title of this post, it come from their last name: Bain. Our church is all about some nicknames!

Popsicles and water games were a must on this hot day. I love doing shoots like this...more fun, less traditional. The kids had so much fun on the Slip N Slide, and I found myself really wanting to join them. I have a feeling that particular activity would hurt a lot more now than it did when I was a much smaller person.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Aunt Angie said...

The pictures are adorable and I really like the one of the little boy with the bubbles in his hair.

alicia said...

so cute! little girls KILL me! <3

cb said...

They are soooo cute!!! I love the picture of the ballerina shoes, so pretty!


Belly B said...

Awww these are soo adorable! I love the last one with the bubbles on his head :) And I love ballet slippers! :)

<3 Belly B

Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

Kristi!!! These are GORGEOUS! I love, love, love portrait photography. Especially when the subjects are in their natural habitat :-D You are GOOD, girl!!