Friday, August 13, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

I got my first blog award! I didn't really know blog awards thing until recently. So I guess I'm pretty excited! b. over at a pretty place to play gave me this award, so now I have to share 7 facts about myself. This should be fun since, you know,  I'm totally narcissistic and love talking about myself...
1. I bought a dress at Goodwill yesterday that is something I will never wear, but it made me look skinny so I bought it anyway. I think I can make it into a librarian Halloween costume.

2. I have a morning ritual during the week. I sit in my dining room to drink my coffee and eat breakfast while reading Nylon magazine. I have flowers on the table and the blinds open...starts the day off right!

3. I could eat sushi every day...if it was free.

4. I could print my postage online, but I like going to the Post Office because they are starting to recognize me there. I've always wanted to be when you go to a restaurant and they already know what you want.

5. One day I'd love to work full time for an organization that works with people with special needs. I know that sounds pretentious, but I'm being totally serious.

6. I am very happy with my life. I don't see the point in being all "my life sucks...nothing's working out." If it's not working out, make it work...otherwise just be happy with where God has put you.

7. I desperately want to find some estate sales to go to, but I never find them. I have some sort of estate sale finding handicap.

Now I get to award this little honor to some bloggers! 

There are so many more, but I don't want my list to get tooooooo lengthy.
I'll be posting again later today or tomorrow about some fun experiences I've had lately. So...look forward to that, will ya?!


b. said...

2. sounds like the perfect start to the morning, i wish i could get my act in gear to do that! instead its a cereal bar on the train!


Kirsten said...

Thanks SO much!! I love sushi too :)

Melissa said...

Thanks a million, lady! Also, your morning ritual sounds like a delight!!!

Missy M said...

congrats sweetie! fab facts too x

Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

gorgeousglam1 said...
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Taj Acosta said...

Hi doll, that is so sweet of you to think of moi! I will try and post it to my sidebar from you asap. I really like what you said in #6, it is very true and wise! Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear. hugs - Taj

Krystal said...

i like your life motto, i agree :)