Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today I would like to share my very first Etsy purchase with you. (Back in May '09)
It was a camera strap cover for my camera. I bought this one for myself, and my boss bought another one for my birthday. I love both of them! I haven't put one on my new camera yet, but I plan to soon. I don't like the idea of everyone knowing what camera I have, so I like to cover the strap. At first glance, my camera doesn't look that high-end because I haven't added a battery pack or anything. I like how inconspicuous it is now that I take it pretty much EVERYWHERE with me. It's also nice to have a strap with some color :)

My strap covers came from the lovely shop Mason Jar Holdings

They've never had just a big selection, so if you don't see something you like in the shop, keep checking back because they change their fabrics often. I wish they offered more choices, but I guess I'll deal.

Here are two of the covers they have right now:
Be sure to check out the Mason Jar Holdings shop!


Robyn said...

Oh, I will definitely check out that shop. I have just been made aware of how boring my current camera strap is.

Doris Price said...

Hi Kristi,
Found you while checking out Etsy Community,I like your Blog. Its very neat and orderly and I have my first blog but don't add like I should hope to make it more interesting in the future. I'm going to check out your shop on Etsy next its one of my favorite places to shop.

Have a great day,Doris

cb said...

those look awesome! we have and it came with a vintage camera we bought at the thrift store. i can remember the brand of the strap but it is the 70's style woven hippie looking straps, we love it! when we got we googled it and they are pretty expensive!

thanks for stopping by and being a new follower :)

oh and happy belated birthday!

whitney said...

Yay for your first etsy purchase! Both of the camara straps are very cute! I will have to remember Mason Jar Holdings whenever I buy my first SLR camera (which will hopefully be soon!). Thanks for sharing!


Krystal said...

yahhhh i like that idea of a pretty camera strap!

chelsea rebecca said...

AH! these are adorable!
i must get one!!


rebecca said...

i love the spotty ones :D