Sunday, August 8, 2010

Date Night

Friday night was date night!
First we went to see a movie...The Other Guys. Don't let the commercials fool you, it was quite disappointing.
Next we went to get sushi! We love sushi and Fuji Yama is one of our favorites in town. I'm so lucky to have a man that will eat sushi with me. I feel like most men I know around here don't like it at all, so I'm glad Rhett enjoys it.
There are creepy wooden things on the wall. They do have a sort of charm to them though.
Spicy Salmon + Yum Yum + rice = great dinner!
I also want to show off one of my favorite shirts EVER. I picked it up at Goodwill a while back, and I just adore it. It's floral, has padded shoulders, and it's crazy soft! I didn't go all out styling it, but I still felt pretty good about my Friday attire!

Happy Weekend!!!


Melissa said...

Aw, what a fun date night! Also, I'm just loving your shirt -- what a great thrifting find.

chelsea rebecca said...

and sushi plus a movie date?! i love it! so stinking cute.
also thanks for letting me know about the other guys. i was on edge about it and now i think i'll save my ten bucks!

Ryma said...

beautiful series of pictures


Copious Couture said...

Looks like a great night! I'm craving sushi now! Also super disappointed about the movie... it looked funny! I hate when that happens!


Holly Embry said...

A date night sounds like a great idea! We could use one of those too. I just hate it when movies look promising but they are actually pretty terrible once you watch them. But then again, I'm kinda picky when it comes to films. I agree, the shirt is adorable on you!!

Krystal said...

mark doesn't like sushi, so sad!!! i love it! cute pics :)