Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shop Update- Photography Service

Have I ever shared this little item from my shop? If I have...sorry for the repetition. I have recently made some changes, so here ya go!
I decided one day a long time ago that I wanted to just offer this little service and see if anyone was interested. I had mixed feelings coming from the forums, but I went ahead and did it anyway!
I got a few people interested, but none of them followed through...until Katy of KatyScudieri. She trusted me enough to send some items and get this started! For that, I will forever be grateful...thank you, Katy! Only a small portion of the images in her shop are mine, but I have worked with a few shops that exclusively use my images.  One example is MableMae. The owner's name is Lenesha, and she is super talented! I've also worked with Kristen of shop3littlebirds, Sue of alongcomesmary and tackybackintime, and Joyce of TheCrochetBarn. Each of these Etsy sellers has been a blast to work with. I love setting up the photo shoots and using props that fit the items! I also love checking up on their shops and seeing if their business improves with the new images.

I've really been keeping busy with this lately, and I like it very much! It keeps me constantly shooting and in the studio, which is something I want to be doing forever. I was afraid when I started working as a web designer that I wouldn't shoot much anymore. But this Etsy photo service has squelched that worry! Yay!

Check out the listing if you're interested...or know anyone interested. I've made some changes to the amount of items and shipping details, so I'm excited to see how the changes affect the growth of this "business"

What do you guys think? Would you ever send you precious handmade/vintage wares to a photographer?


Krystal said...

love the idea! a lot of etsy people SHOULD utilize this :)

Rhett W said...

This young lady is super talented. It would be a very wise decision to use this service.

Jen said...

Oh I would! What an honor it would be!!

KristiMcMurry said...

I agree Krystal! Hopefully lots of people will :)

And just to point something out...Rhett W is my lovely boyfriend. Thus, the comment :) ha