Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things to do in 2013

Last year I made a list of things I wanted to do for the year, and I loved having something to refer back to all year! I decided to do the same thing this year, but first let's see how I did in 2012.

  1. Raise $1500 for St. Jude - Success! I raised $1570. I will be doing this again at the end of this year :)
  2. Maintain running and good eating habits - Success! Of course my eating habits wavered now and then, but for the most part I did well. And I'm still running.
  3. Watch 100 movies in my book - I didn't really get close with this one, but here's what I did manage to watch (tumblr)
  4. Get the garage organized and keep it that way - Don't know if this will ever happen. haha
  5. Learn how to sew and make something - I haven't made it all the way through the tutorial book I bought, but I did make table runners for the wedding. I also made some sachets! I hope to do more next year.
  6. Switch to a king size bed - Done! And I now have someone to share it with :).
  7. Paint the kitchen - With all the wedding business, this never got done. Maybe 2013!
  8. Lay laminate floor in the studio - Again, too busy and not enough extra cash in 2012. Still needs to be done, for sure.
  9. Keep the house clean - I think I did decent with this. I keep things pretty tidy at least!
  10. Change pricing and structure of photography - Success! I made several changes, including finally getting a website. I also raised my prices some, which was long overdue
  11. Keep taking my vitamins - Decided they weren't helping much, and the iron in the multi started making me sick. Oh well!
  12. Do more photo challenges - I did well with this! It's fun doing extra projects.
  13. Read a book a month - Success! This was my favorite thing on the list, and I so enjoyed keeping it up. Doing this again in 2013! See what I read this year here
  14. Do good things for other people - I like to think I did.
9 out of 14 isn't too bad, I guess. Here's to an even better 2013! Now on to the new list...

  1. Run a marathon - Really excited about this one! Emily and I are going to do the St. Jude marathon in December. I did the half in 2012 and LOVED it. 
  2. Do at least 5 personal/fun photoshoots
  3. Get rid of stuff I don't need - minimize - I feel like I am constantly needing to do this.
  4. Paint the kitchen - really must do it this year!
  5. Be a great wife - we'll have to ask Rhett about that one at the end of the year :)
  6. Read my Bible regularly 
  7. Continue to read a book a month
  8. Maintain fitness and eat cleaner more clean (eat cleaner sounds like I want to eat Clorox)
  9. Decorate the guest rooms - They are pretty bare, and I'd like to make them inviting. Maybe just some curtains and wall decor will help!
  10. Organize the attic - This will be a Spring activity
  11. Save Mo $$$ - would like to buy a new fridge, so I need to save save save!
  12. Paint and re-floor studio - here we are again! This will depend on time and money
  13. Make more time for friends - a lot of my best friends live in other places now. I need to make more time to either visit or call them. I miss us all being in the same town!
  14. Keep the house clean - I think this always needs to be on here
2012 has been a GREAT year! Rhett and I finally got married, and I couldn't be happier. That was the one thing I really longed for, and now that it has happened, I feel extremely content. I don't know that anything could happen in 2013 to top getting married, but I still expect that it will be a good year. 

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration! Rhett and I spent the evening with some friends at the lake. We had some delicious food, played games and just enjoyed time together. It was a perfect way to ring in the new year!


cb said...

You did great!! I need to do some extra cleaning too! It always feels good to do that anyways :)xo

Adora Mehitabel said...

Happy new year! www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.com

Oh, My Darling said...

Happy 2013 (and belated kudos on your wedding)!! It looks like you had a very fruitful and wonderful year, and another great one in store! I'm resolving to get back into blogging again this year -- an activity I enjoyed so dearly -- and cannot wait to read your great posts!

Dus Katrina said...

sounds like you did an absoltuely awesome job to me! keeping the house tidy is def tricky for me haha & sewing is no easy thing to learn. way to read too! i tend to say vitamins are pointless (after going through a few months of IV vitamin/mineral injectiosn from a homeopathic dr even, much more important what we DONT put into our bodies than what we do, but just my opinion. glad you had a great year & great goals for 2013!