Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jonathan and Mary Margaret: Engagement

Let me preface this photography post with a little comment about this couple. THEY ARE AWESOME! This session was probably one of the longest I've done, but it went buy in a flash because we were chatting and laughing together the whole time. These guys are just so easy to talk to, and I cannot wait to photograph them on their wedding day!

I took all of these photos in Memphis, which I've only gotten to do one other time. Memphis is FULL of great places for photos, and these two picked out some amazing ones. The first couple of shots were taken on a trail near Mary Margaret's house, and that is where Jonathan proposed. I loved getting to shoot them in a place that is so dear to them!

Once again, I just can't wait to see them again and shoot their wedding :)


alicia said...

i really want bear and i to have "engagement" photos one day. these are so fun and cute! we might have to come to memphis!

Dus Katrina said...

you really did pick some awesome places for photos!! and goodness they are too cute!! i love all the sweet smooches & esp the dancing one, amazing job w/ the shoot!